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Inspired by Kōdō - the Japanese 'way of fragrance' - smōdō offers a ritual of terpene-infused sensory enhancements.

The Chakra Candle Series

Eucalyptus with Green overtones, Neroli and Bergamot
Herbal garden of fresh mint mixes with rosemary needles

Cedarwood, spicy ferns and pine needle

$20 each or $55 per set of 3

Coming soon to online sales. Now hand delivering in Ottawa by request and retailing within the community at SoulSpeak Yoga, Head Office Ottawa, Hybrid Pharm, and Haircuts by Linnaea.

Also available in Kingston at Immerse Spa

Interested in retailing our products? Get in touch at robyn@smogalife.com

Your Travel Tin Candle

Set you intention
Experience the crackle
of wood wick
Reuse your tin to store dried cannabis flower by intention


Terpenes are aromatic oils secreted from plants. In the cannabis plant, they are what give it it’s wide variety of flavours and aromas.
Just like cannabinoids, terpenes bind to receptors in the body and are known to have a diversity of therapeutic effects.


  • Certified GMO free

  • Phthalate free

  • 100% vegan

  • No animal testing

  • No animal materials used

  • No herbicides or pesticides

  • All natural fragrances and dyes

  • Artisan wood-wicks from good forestry practices

  • Hand-crafted in Canada


First burn
​Let your candle burn for at least 1.5 hrs the first time you light it. This will allow the wax to melt to the edge of the tin, ensuring your candle burns well and for its full life.
Wood-wick care
Keep your wood-wick trimmed by breaking off some of the burnt wick before re-lighting.
Re-use your tin
When the candle reaches the end of its life, pour boiling water into the tin and let sit for 5-10 minutes to soften the wax. Once softened, easily remove remaining wax with a spoon. Do not pour softened wax down the drain or toilet. This will clog your pipes and our sewer system. Dispose of wax in the garbage.
Clean the remaining wax from the tin with paper hand towels and wash thoroughly with warm soapy water before re-using. You will want to remove the belly label on the tin ahead of washing – don’t worry – you will still have a beautiful label on the tin lid to use to colour code your dried cannabis flower by intention. Know what's in your tin by filling in the product details on the sticker on the inside of the lid. 
Curious about the intention behind our creation? Check out our "Creating the Chakra Candle Series" blog.