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Privacy Policy

About smōgalife

We believe that Canadians have an obligation to mitigate historical and forthcoming public health and societal risks associated with cannabis laws. It is our collective responsibility to ensure cannabis legalization is appropriately managed in the interest of all Canadians. We created smōgalife to play a role in shaping a responsible cannabis industry. At smōgalife we design to educate about cannabis and encourage responsible consumption behaviours. 


We pair cannabis with yoga to reinforce intentional cannabis consumption for purposes of improved health and wellness. Yoga also means to unite; allowing us to draw on yogic philosophy to build community and take collective action in the interest of the common good. 

Meet the Team

Robyn Christine Waite

Founder and Chief Experience Officer

Robyn is an accomplished public health expert with a track record of success influencing health policy and managing complex health related programs and projects. She holds a BSc (First Class Honours) in Health Promotion from Dalhousie University, a Graduate Diploma from the United Nations University – Institute for Water, Environment, and Health, and an MSc in Global Health from McMaster University. She is also currently finalizing a PhD with the University of London, where she is studying the moral legitimacy of development organizations. She is passionate about ethics and is eager to contribute to the realization of a responsible cannabis industry in Canada. 

Robyn and her husband moved back to Canada from the United Kingdom because of cannabis legalization. They are both passionate and motivated to contribute to this emerging industry in their our own unique ways. Together, they completed the Kannabis Accreditation Regulation and Education Program with Dr. Ira Price between Aug 31 – September 4, 2018. Dr. Price is a leading expert in the medical application of cannabinoids. 


When Robyn is not living the smōgalife, learning how to be a social entrepreneur, or studying, she is usually spending quality time with beautiful people.

Feel free to creep Robyn on Instagram @robynchristinewaite and to check out her LinkedIn profile